13 Sumptuous Christmas Gifts for People Who Just Want to be Cosy

13 Sumptuous Christmas Gifts for People Who Just Want to be Cosy

Christmas 2020 feels different to other years for a multitude of reasons, but gift giving has its own distinct flavour this year. The swing towards gifting adventures and experiences has dropped off into a temporary space, gently lit with a soft focus on home conforts. 


Planning your gifts around snug nights in need not limit your scope or creativity and adding a touch of luxury to someones home or wardrobe is a great way to furnish your loved ones with gifts that stand the test of time. Below are 13 ideas which embrace the stay at home sentiments of 2020 and encourage a deep-diive into cosy town. 


1. The Delicious Scent of Christmas Citrus and Spice 

Price: $27



Sure a scented candle is nice and all, but wrapping it up with the gift of a lovely, mindful evening creating it is even better!


2. Toasty Toes With a Stylish, Practical Edge 

Price: $91



My definition of a good gift is something luxurious which somebody probably wouldn’t buy themselves and these Mahabi slippers are definitely in this camp. These wool slippers have a removable sole so you can pop outside without getting damp tootsies and there is a recycling scheme so they’re perfect for your environmentally conscious chum. 


3. A Big Rainbow of Sofa Snuggling Comfort With Bonus Pom Poms!

Price: $115



Lovingly handmade from 100 percent wool by craft workers in Nepal, this delightful blanket is fair trade as well as being flamboyant, fun and fabulous. Oh, and warm! 


4. A Hot Cup of Happiness 

Price: £2.75 – £8.95



This herbal hug in a mug is crammed with calming passionflower and camomile balanced by uplifting lime tree flowers. Perfect for chasing away the seasonal sads and embracing a cosy night in. 


5. A Magical, Whimsical Brew 

Price: £161



Everyone knows Wedgewood means quality and this fine bone china teapot is infused with the playful spirit of mythical beasts from Kit Kemp. 


6. The Technicolour Dream Robe 

Price: $150



My most worn item of 2020 has undoubtedly been my robe, so it’s worth splashing the cash to envelope your loved ones in something special. This men’s robe is soft in fabric, warm in colours and makes lounging positively luxe. 


7. Oversized Elegance 

Price: $145



Our organic cotton Darcy shirt is naughty and nice, depending on how much the recipient chooses to wear with it! The medium weight Italian fabric is a dream to touch from the inside and out with an elegance that elevates a cosy date night on the couch.  


8. The Softest Thing They’ll Ever Put on Their Head

Price: $68



Ethically sourced alpaca wool is officially the biggest harbinger of the warm fuzzies, especially in this warming rosewood colour 


9. Their New Favourite Wearable Winter Warmer

Price: $69



Just when you thought hot water bottles couldn’t get any better, they go and make them wearable! 

10. A Soak in Orange Blossom Bliss

Price: $42



The alluring orange blossom scent of this bath oil is totally unisex and packs enough punch to waft gently down the hallway. The opulent golden packaging makes this just as much a treat for the eye as it is for the nostrils! 


11. A Peek into Nigella's Suptuous Pantry

Price: $20



The title of Nigella’s new tome, ‘Cook, Eat, Repeat’ could be a summary of the tedium of relentless lockdown cooking (restaurants, we miss you!), but it doesn’t have to be this way. Brimming with Lawson’s delicious yet simple fare and supplemented by wonderful musings from Nigella herself, this is a book any budding chefs will appreciate, and you’ll also get to reap the rewards. Win win! 


12. Melting Away the Tension of 2020

Price: £17.50 – £45.00



There’s no denying that this has been a stressful year and this CBD butter is actually miraculous. It melts into the skin with silky smoothness and gently works out those knots and niggles with it’s magical, relaxing CBD oil. Simply sublime and proven to relieve anxiety, reduce inflammation and ease stiffness. 


13. Whisker Warmer

Price: $6



The mask is the obligatory Christmas sock of 2020. Essential and guaranteed to get used, but with a burst of novelty and a personal touch. This delightful cat mask also raises funds for homeless kitties so our furry friends can get a present too. 


10 months ago