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Local, High-Quality Fashion? Here's Why it Matters

A crisp, white shirt is the building block to any wardrobe. However, it must be an impeccably designed and manufactured. Here, London's The Shirt Company weighs in on combining a classic, modern aesthetic with a well-made, locally crafted ethic. screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-13-10-08 Good style is about a) being comfortable in your own skin and b) getting the details right... Right? That's why, it's imperative for The Shirt Company to have a wardrobe full of well-made staples. And well-made is something that is often synonymous with smaller (and local) fashion brands. London fashion designer Mimi Berry recently told The Guardian that "it shows a certain intelligence to be confident about the provenance of your wardrobe." Why? Well, there's a level of care from smaller brands that is often overlooked in the greater fashion industry. It is always possible to tell when someone cares about what they're making. And one reason we look for that level of care is because we think for someone to make something that's going to last, there is undoubtedly an amount of love as well as skill that goes into that. At The Shirt Company, we're firm believers that there is a certain pleasure in recognising something that has been well made. Good design is about using materials that are fit for purpose. The product has to be aesthetically pleasing, has to be functional – and if it has extra character to it, too, well, then that's something else.
"I think it shows a certain intelligence to be confident about the provenance of your wardrobe."

- Mimi Berry, London fashion designer.

Hand in hand with good manufacture is having an edited approach to dressing. We like to have only a few clothes in the wardrobe that we wear and wear... Prime example? A classic, well-tailored white shirt that can do you for any occasion. Persuading people to this "good quality, locally-made staples" viewpoint isn't hard when you can actually get people to experience good design. Experiencing something that has worn well in a good quality material that gets better with age, that makes you feel fond of it. It's like getting to know a person you really like – you don't just dispense with them.

What are your thoughts on buying high-quality fashion pieces from UK brands? Let us know in the comments!

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