6 Ways to Wear a White Shirt That'll Inspire You to WIN!
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6 Ways to Wear a White Shirt That'll Inspire You to WIN!

It's competition time, ladies! 

tsc1 Yes, yes, we know: the classic white shirt has long been a wardrobe staple, and with good reason. Made mainstream by stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, it continues to be worn by fashionistas, with Olivia Palermo and Victoria Beckham two of its most enthusiastic proponents. Its versatility is testament to its enduring appeal and the options for reinvention and creativity are multiple. The humble white shirt may still be a style favourite, but these days it's how you wear your white shirt that elevates it beyond being simply functional or uniform... And that's precisely why we want to see how you style yours! This month, we're giving away a 20% off discount to a very luck lady, for any shirt of your choice on our online shop. To win, all you have to do is tag us in a post on Instagram that shows us how you style your Shirt Company shirt. See more details about our competition here. So, take a look at some our loveliest and longest-standing six streetstyle inspirations below, get styling, and send your snaps to us... That 20% off could soon be yours!!

1. White Shirt + Denim

[caption id="attachment_2877" align="aligncenter" width="590"]Image: The Fashion Tag Image: The Fashion Tag[/caption] Denim and white shirts go together like... Well, like denim and white shirts! The proof is in the pudding. Not only is this look fabulously chic and easy, it's also a tried and tested fuss-free way to ensure you're on trend, particularly if you're in a rush getting ready. Just pull on your favourite denim jeans (we love anything distressed!) or a denim pencil skirt. Style with some au courant accessories and semi-tuck the shirt or knot-it-up if you want to switch your look. Voila!

2. Layer your Look

[caption id="attachment_2123" align="aligncenter" width="595"]Image: IMAXTREE Image: IMAXTREE[/caption] When you wear a white shirt, layering it can make it look vastly different. A knitted jumper over a plain white shirt - especially on chillier days - and casual trousers or jeans will make a great look for being out and about. Adding a fitted blazer or a pair of heels is also never a bad idea... Trust us, white shirts were practically made for layering, and this trend is the sharpest way to style your white shirt during these unseasonably changeable summer days!

3. Unexpectedly Underneath

[caption id="attachment_2873" align="aligncenter" width="604"]Image: Lauren Messiah Image: Lauren Messiah[/caption] Not only are we big proponents of layering a white shirt under a cosy jumper on cooler days, we're also a fan of the classic white shirt under a surprise evening dress, a la Olivia! Wearing your shirt under a sleeveless number or slip dress takes the outfit down a notch and gives it a subtle edginess. But the best thing about it? You can recycle your all time favourite evening gown and make it into classy daywear. Perfect!

4. Total White Out

[caption id="attachment_2880" align="aligncenter" width="615"]Image: Diego Zuko Image: Diego Zuko[/caption] Despite being a neutral, dressing all in white is one of the trickiest fashion moves you can make, mainly because attempting to match the same shade of crisp, clean white will only set you up for failure. Our general rule of thumb is that you should intentionally mix in different shades of white until you achieve a perfectly imperfect blend. If you master this with your shirt, then it'll pay off in endless compliments about your simple, sartorial style. Note to self: Go light on makeup.

5. Casual Simplicity

[caption id="attachment_2872" align="aligncenter" width="611"]Image: Fash n Chips Image: Fash n Chips[/caption] Although we love our high-heeled pumps and towering platforms, we'll always have a weakness for sneakers. They just look so fresh! For a sporty look, throw on the crisp button-down and reach for a pair of comfy sneaks and/or a jaunty baseball cap - looking chic has never been so effortless! Beloved by bloggers, fashion editors, and stylish stars alike, the simple trainer works just as well with the latest designer offerings as it does with spandex leggings... No excuses!

Shirt-Skirt Combos

[caption id="attachment_2875" align="aligncenter" width="610"]Image: Getty Images Image: Getty Images[/caption] A plain white shirt with any kind of skirt is a good way to go. It not only looks classy but also makes you look stand out of the crowd... And a well-fitting white shirt will go brilliantly with almost every length! For wearing to work or a weekend stroll, style your crisp white shirt into ultra high waist skirt (see above). Let the shirt hang loose, stay comfortable all day, and slay with some killer heels!

So how will you be styling your shirt in our Shirt Company competition? Let us know in the comments, or better still - tag us in one of your snaps!

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