8 New Year Style Resolutions that You Won't Want to Break
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8 New Year Style Resolutions that You Won't Want to Break

Listen up, ladies: Resolutions don't have to be those awful things you make with a bad bubbly hangover on New Year's Day, only to be forgotten about and/or broken by the 2nd January year after year...

When it comes to your look, committing to some new resolutions can help revive your sense of style je ne sais quoi. As we enter into 2018, it's a good idea to put our best feet forward - and project the best sense of ourselves to the world. That entails - as much as anything else - making style intentions that best reflect where we want to go in the new year.

So lets start brightening up our wardrobes and bucking up our ideas, shall we? Whether we’re cutting down on silly spending, perfecting pared-back simplicity, or just taking care of our nails, these 8 style resolution ideas are bound to help you look and feel fabulous in 2018.

Perfect Your Go-To Outfit

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When work gets hectic and your social life even more so, make it easy on yourself and have an outfit that is easy to throw on and effortlessly chic. Building on staples with simple, glamorous items (like a pair of timeless stilettos or a classic clutch), and you'll feel anything but basic. Each item of clothing should be something that you feel beautiful in and can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on how you style it.

Choose Comfy Clothing

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Ask any modern woman and they might well tell you that one of 2017’s bad habits has been an obsession with social media. We are hereby resolved to devote our 2018 leisure time, each and every day, to read a good book in the comfort of our own home, far away from any screens...

So let’s hope 2018 brings many a mohair sweater and lots of pairs of woolly socks!

Polish Up

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Fashion’s love affair with nails shows no sign of growing old in 2018, so experiment with new looks from the reverse French manicure to classic shades in matte finishes (the brighter the shade the better for us, in the murky winter months!).

Go Outside of Your Comfort Zone

[caption id="attachment_2677" align="aligncenter" width="564"]Image via Pinterest Image via Pinterest[/caption] Trends for 2018 are full of easy options. If you're feeling uninspired, go for a new trend that you've never been brave enough to try out - like fringed handbags, a big-buckled shoes, or that metallic statement skirt.

There's nothing wrong with branching out into sophisticated trend dressing - as long as you keep some of your outfit minimal. In fact, embracing some "scary" trends allows you to breathe life into your reliable old staples, like the versatile white shirt.

Find a Dry Cleaner That You Trust

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We've all been on the receiving end of a dry cleaning horror show - and it's far from fun. If you track down a dry cleaner that you trust, you'll be more encouraged to buy good quality staples for your 2018 wardrobe - and you can guarantee they'll come back the same size as when you dropped them off... If you love a piece of special clothing, treat it well - it's as simple as that!

Accessorize Your Ears

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This is the year to invest in conversation-starting jewellery. Wearing something imaginative and colourful is bound to open you up to vast style possibilities and can be worn anywhere, from desk to dusk!

Also: who doesn't like sparkles!?

Perfect Pared-Back Simplicity

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Often, our New Year’s fashion resolution is to perfect a profoundly minimal wardrobe: We want to stop spending money on trends that will look dated in just a few months and instead focus on seeking out high-quality staples that we can wear until next New Year – and beyond.

Learning what works for us and sticking to it will save money in the long-term and investing in classic pieces (like a decent white shirt) will give you something fresh and versatile to wear all year round... And nobody ever said that means skimping on glamour!

Shop Ahead

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Buy things before you desperately need them! If you're the person who only thinks to buy a winter coat once the temperature is already below freezing, and who attempts to wear woolly jumpers in July because she refuses to buy summer clothes, then now is the time for change!

A little foresight never hurt anyone...

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