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Are you ready for the return of "mum jeans"?

There's nothing we at The Shirt Company love more to accompany our chic designs than a versatile pair of denims. But many high-street retailers are banking on an old-school look for this year's denim trend; say hello - again - to "mum jeans". This phrase conjures up images that probably couldn't be further from the jeans designs we see on the catwalk. But now, the resurgence of casual, almost "dowdy" denim seems to be making a comeback. The original '80s look combined a waist at the belly button, pleats in the front, and a relaxed or baggy fit (oh yeah, and occasional giant holes at the knee). Some versions came in washes like bleach, that wouldn't look out of place on the set of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.


"What's glamorous about that?" I hear you cry. Good question. Why are fashion retailers promoting a style that, at best, covers a lot more skin than women are used to swathing in denim and, at worst, makes them look like their mothers? I can't help but think that even the female protagonists of 80s TV show Twin Peaks only look this gorgeous because they're the insanely good-looking types that would still look fantastic wearing the contents of my paper recycle bin:


But before you judge, it has to be said that these so-called "mum jeans" eliminate issues like muffin top, exposed underpants, and waistband-gap-induced "crack". The high waist makes your legs look longer. The turn ups are cutely ankle flashing, and the looser cut makes a refreshing change after years of skinnies. They're perfect with this summer's most elegant shirts - smart enough to wear out for dinner or to the office. And believe it or not, a quick look at stylish ladies out there who are doing it right can make you re-consider your outright dismissal. Marilyn did it, all those years ago: Image Alexa Chung - always on top in the world of fashion - is loving the current trend: Image And the fashion resurgence has even filtered down to street style, where - as you can see - lots of ladies are pulling it all the way off: Image The high-waisted "mum" jean can be a tricky trend. But most tricky trends are worth the effort, and there's nothing better than conquering a gutsy yet casual new look. Right, ladies? So, here are a few pointers for how to win in this upcoming look: 1) Although high-waisted jeans make your legs look longer, they can also make your derriere look a little more...full. Pick jeans with pockets that sit lower down to counter this! 2) Tuck in a smart-casual white shirt (like all three lovely ladies pictured above) in order to keep the trend fresh and minimal. Tuck your shirt in, but don't pull it out too much or you'll create bulk where you don't want it. For a frilly look similar to Alexa's, try our Claudia shirt. 3) Wear a platform heal with a wide-legged pair. A slim leg will look fab with flats, but to add more height and to enhance a slender silhouette with "mum jeans", go for heels.

Love them or loathe them, "mum jeans" are at the centre of fashion's love affair with the old-school. Now, go forth and experiment that high-waisted look! If you're already a believer, tell us how you wear yours in the comment section below...

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