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Barbie's Futuristic Roksanda Ilincic Designed Dreamhouse



Ilincic’s design will be a refreshing change for Barbie – her latest home was a 10,000 square foot plastic house in a shopping mall in Florida that was described by Vice Magazine as ‘the scariest place on earth’, housing a catwalk to teach six-year-olds how to learn to walk like a model and played artificial birdsong.

In May a second Dreamhouse experience opened in, of all places, Berlin. It was based near tourist-friendly Alexanderplatz and was open for visitors to tour. It was crammed to the brim with headache-inducing kitsch – pink plastic poodles and fake palm trees.


Ilincic’s design will be a refreshing change from the ‘more is more’ school of thought when it comes to the Dreamhouse.

'The pinkness of Barbie really puts me off; I feel there shouldn't be anything pink,' Ilincic said.

Ilincic was a great pick for the project: the designer studied architecture at Belgrade University before coming to Central Saint Martins to study fashion, so she’s experienced at designing striking buildings. The design sounds distinctively Ilincic:

'I wanted to make something completely unexpected. There is nothing feminine, so it's in total contrast to what Barbie is.'

The furniture is made of concrete and is moulded to the floor. 'The sleeping chamber is soundproofed and is covered in carpet, floor to ceiling,' she told the Telegraph. At the time of Ilinic’s interview, she was still figuring out some aspects of the design: 'At the moment, I am thinking the bedroom will be pale yellow, everything in one colour. It needs to be something quite calming.'

Perhaps a little strangely for the fashion icon, there’ll  be very few mirrors in her new dreamhouse: 'My Barbie is not very vain. She proved she can be just as beautiful at 54 as when she was 20, so she doesn't have any need to be vain.'

Those who think of Barbie as a dumb blonde will be proved wrong: the pneumatic doll’s being treated to an extravagant library filled to the brim with books and magazines: 'It's a Kafka-like space which has so much information and is so tall she may need to take an elevator to the top of the shelves.’

Barbie’ll have a leather clad living room that’s ideal for relaxing. 'There won't be much furniture, because it is all part of the architecture: there will be just the odd chair and a table, all built in.'

Finally, the finishing touch will be a silver birch forest on her roof: 'I want it to feel like being in Russia, in Siberia.'


We think Barbie's new home sounds like a minimalist's dream! But is it right for Barbie, known for her love of bright colours and all things girly? Let us know your thoughts below.

8 years ago