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Best of London Fashion Week (So Far!)

Roll up, roll up and feast your peepers on what we at The Shirt Company think are the best shows of London Fashion Show (ok, so far, anyway!). DAVID KOMA Image The Georgian fashion designer has more sleb fans than most: Kylie Minogue, Beyonce, Cheryl Cole, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Megan Fox all number themselves amongst his devotees. It's easy to see why from this season's collection, which he stated was inspired by the Japanese art of Kyudo, 'a meeting of Samurai martial arts and the spiritual practice of Zen philosophy.' Koma's women were warrior-strong in geometric patterns and neoprene-like jersey. While his collection was structured, and in places, armour-like, there was never any lack of sex appeal with Koma showcasing an abundance of crowd-pleasing body con frocks. CLEMENTS RIBEIRO Image The English/Brazilian duo opted to take the rather bold decision of showing their spring/summer 14 collection not in a cavernous warehouse in East London like the rest of the fash pack, but to screen it as a short film via their website. The couple describe their inspiration in the following: 'The collection re-imagines tourists in Rio – partly retro tropical glamour, partly street-savvy fashionista.' The collection is a delicious whirl of colours and patterns, evoking carefree holidays where matchy-matchy couture just won't do. We love the bare feet - it's a lovely touch, channeling beach-time sexiness (though probably not one to try out in London...). ORLA KIELY Image If you're not into twee togs, look away now! The collection had one very clear influence: Moonrise Kingdom's pubescent protagonist, the 12 year old Suzy Bishop. Berets and knee socks dominated, while models entered from a wooden door carrying lanterns and jars filled with insects and settled themselves around a campfire. The collection's just the thing for you if you're of waifish build and are prone to channelling the French ingenue schoolgirl look. Critics might find fault with the fact that such hyper-girlish attire will look peculiar on most women aged 25+, but hey, if you're an eerily youthful looking 25+er, why not give it a go? PALMER/HARDING Image Did somebody have matrimony on the mind? Or just minimal chic? Either way, the kids at palmer/harding were all white (sorry! couldn't resist) in spotless cotton separates. While white dominated (with the exception of an all-indigo ensemble), this collection was stark but never boring - carefully sculptured pieces gave the collection definition. HOLLY FULTON Image Holly Fulton's extroverted 70s influenced collection seemed to be a tribute to the crafty ladies of Pinterest with her collection's bejewelled, hand-stitched, DIY feel. "I collected a lot of folk embroidery - that was the beginning," the Scottish designer told the Telegraph after the show "I got this amazing book called American Denim that kind of kicked off the whole thing. The collection was all hand-stitched, hand-embroidered, inspired by people who made their own things in the Seventies." The collection may have been decked out in florals, but one thing was for sure: it wasn't one for shrinking violets. Photo source: Telegraph Fashion
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