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Christmas: Secretly Stylish?


Two colours that clash, EVERYWHERE. Elasticated waistbands. Comedy xmas earrings. All reasons why Christmas might not be traditionally perceived as the most stylish of holidays…

Obviously, this is complete nonsense. Christmas is secretly the high point of the styling calendar. Don’t believe me? Here’s why…




Mark Darcy might have been sexy because of his acerbic wit and golden heart, but those jumpers were the icing on top of the delicious man cake. They demonstrated a willingness to suck it up to please his mum, self-deprecating humour and curiously hipster retro stylings!

Let’s face it, what other time of year can you get away with these headache inducing jumpers? Exactly.



We’re British. Unless you’re Cheryl Cole, or dating a footballer, chances are, you don’t get much opportunities to Doll Up. I’m talking the whole eight miles: big hair, big shoes, sequins.

The office Christmas party might not be the Oscars, but that extra spritz of hairspray could be the deciding factor in whether you end up in a passionate clinch under the mistletoe with the attractive gent from marketing or whether you go home early and watch Netflix with your flatmate for the third night running. Like last year.



Yes. Yes. I know.

Vile, but – a little bit Carry On? Thigh slapping English campy chic? Much like xmas jumpers, you’ve got a limited time frame to wear a sexy santa costume. (a) It’s got to be xmas and (b) Probably best if you’re under 30 for this one, no?

Don’t want to be hating on the +30s, but really – this isn’t a look for a sophisticated lady in a Godard flick. It’s more of a aged-16-and-necking-alcopops vibe. In a good way. Maybe. If you squint.




There are two ways to go this Christmas.

1. Comfort - snowflake pyjamas! Big jumpers! But really, we all know which dark destination this path leads to, if you keep following it far enough. Incriminating Christmas photos of you in a food stained animal onesie that you can't even shred anymore, because everyone's Gone Digital.

2. Crisply tailored winter coats. This year, don't sink a hundred quid plus into a sparkly number from French Connection - something from New Look will do just as well at the xmas parties, when everyone's got their cheap cava goggles on. Nope, buy yourself a gorgeous winter coat. I mean, see above - even Arnie pulling a comedy face looks a bit sexy (don't judge me) in a good camel coat. 

And if all else fails, after a few glasses of egg-nog, everyone's going to look the most beautiful they have all year...

8 years ago