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Fashion Faux Pas We Should All Be Making

On Friday, Debenhams announced the results of a poll to discover what UK shoppers think is the worst fashion faux pas: socks and sandals. You guys, what?! The only sensible conclusion is that the entirety of the UK public have been brainwashed by fash mags. Burn your Vogues and listen to me: try as they might, fashion editors and members of the public answering creepy vox-pops don't know it all. Sure, the editors may have exquisitely expensive sunglasses, the absolute best olive oil imported from some offbeat organic farm in Italy, and spend on skin care what I do on rent, but you know what? I'm not sure they have as much fun as the rest of us. So let's throw out the rulebook and stop trying to live our fashion lives like we're in an editorial. Here are my top five pointers for fashion fun that go against everything you've ever been told. 1. Socks and sandals Image So wrong it's right, socks + sandals are deliciously geek-cute. It gives a completely different flavour to your favourite pair of heels - less sex kitten, more ingenue. I don't know who's shopping at Debenhams and voting against this, but it's a brave new world out there in this winning combo. 2. Navy and black Image Take a walk on the wild side and wear that navy jacket with your black top. Trust us, it's a chic, modern and unexpected combination and you'll look like a maverick architect from Antwerp (I don't know if that's your secret style goal, but it's kinda ours). Give it a whirl today and thank us later. 3. Clash your prints Image Miranda Kerr's not normally known for quirky stylings, so I love this! Clashing prints add spice to a classic cut and preppy hair and make-up. If you want to look like visual LSD (and really, if not, why not?) try clashing your blouse with your skirt for an even more out there mish-mash. 4. Scrunchies Image Image Image Image 'Nuff said. 5. Those Jeans You Have That Make Your Bum Look Ginormous Image Oh, come on ladies. Fashion magazines think that we care how big our bottom look, 24/7. Clearly, they've never worked two jobs at once/raised kids and had no sleep/stayed up all night studying for an exam. In the real world, admit it, you love those high waisted mum jeans. Why? Because they're darn comfy, that's why and sometimes, when it's a toss up between your bottom not looking like it has its own postcode and being comfy, you're going to opt for the comfort factor every time. But now it's over to you - have we missed any fashion 'faux pas' that you actually love? Let us know in the comments below!
8 years ago