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Fashion Flashback: The best ever Oscar dresses to have graced the red carpet

Anyone who was lucky enough to see Lupita Nyong'o up on stage for Best Supporting Actress at this years 86th Academy Awards ceremony, might be with me in thinking that we should just give ALL the awards to Lupita for her inspirational speech; one that highlights some of Hollywood's shortcomings and will hopefully throw a few punches in the ongoing fight for racial and gender equality.

Nyong'o, a Mexican-born, Kenyan actress, is easy to love for any number of reasons. But, not least, because of her amazing natural beauty and impeccable style. Lupita has been making her rounds on-screen at award shows and in the glossies, parading her much-coveted fashion sense. On Sunday night, she graced the carpet with flows of ice-blue Prada; the ultimate goddess gown. Take a look at this and tell me it doesn't invoke a sharp intake of breath:


...Told you!

What d'you think - one of the best Oscar outfits of all time? Let's compare: Here's EVERY single dress worn by Academy Award-winning actresses in the Best Actress category, since the very first Oscar ceremony in 1929. That's a lot of flash:


Ohh, to be a star... Just think of all the dresses. Not only do these ladies orbit a realm where discounts and freebies flow like rivers of fine champagne, they also get our most revered designers throwing the most beautiful, hand-crafted dresses in their general direction in the hope that one of them will don their gown! What we wouldn't give...

Anyway, where were we? Oh, yes, the red carpet.

I'm a HUGE fan of Audrey Hepburn's 1954 number in the infrographic. I know what you're thinking and - no, it's not just because it's the lovely Ms. H donning it... Well, not completely. Her dress was designed by Givenchy, incorporating delicate flowers which couldn't look more magnificent with her elfin features.

Here she is, among our top 10 favourite all-time Oscar gowns. See what you think of our other choices - and just try not to shriek with jealousy!!


Salma Hayek, 2006


Sexy and sophis, Salma's Versace turquoise satin gown is a poifect example of curves enhanced the right way.

Michelle Williams, 2006


Michelle's Vera Wang dress is a real Marmite case. The bright yellow is too much for some people's taste, but we think she looks incredible - and has rightfully earned her spot in Oscars style history!

Gwyneth Paltrow, 2012


Aaah, clean lines. The 2012 ceremony was DEFINITELY Gwyneth's time to shine in a minimalist white Tom Ford gown and a matching cape. This works, big time.

Keira Knightley, 2006


This show-stopping Vera Wang number looks so beautiful that we reeeally want to dislike Keira. But, the generous actress donated her gown to charity after the Awards, so she's kind of impossible not to like!

Halle Berry, 2002


Halle's Elie Saab number wowed red carpet onlookers - and, let's face it, it ain't hard to see why! The perfect outfit for Berry's emotional Oscar speech covering racism in Hollywood.

Rachel Weisz, 2007


Dressed to the nines (sans baby-changing bag) in a champagne-coloured Vera Wang dress, no one would have guessed that Rachel was a new mum at the 2007 Oscars!

Jennifer Lopez, 2003


Errrm, WOW? JLo and then-beau Ben Affleck attended 2003's ceremony together, and while their relationship didn't stand the test of time, the incredible Valentino fashion moment most certainly did.

Kate Hudson, 2003


Kate Hudson's vintage-look gold Versace gown apparently took 500 hours to create. Worth every minute if you ask us!

Nicole Kidman, 2007


This woman didn't exactly need more elegance points from us, but the breathtaking Balenciaga gown she wore in 2007 which tied at the back of her neck didn't hurt, either.

Cate Blanchett, 2005


When golden girl Cate Blanchett scooped up her Best Supporting Actress award, it wasn't just the acting game she won. Thanks for that, Valentino Couture!

So, thoughts please, ladies? Favourite red-carpet ruffles and film-fest finery? Trust us, it wasn't easy to whittle down all the looks worn on Oscars red carpets to a bite-size list of the best dresses ever!

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