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First Photo From Kate Moss's Playboy Shoot


Oh, Kate. Ms Moss has always been something of a feminist icon for me, up until now.

I’m aware that statement seems impossibly counterintuitive. Yep, Kate was the face (and quasi-skeletal body) of not-particularly-empowering heroin chic trend in the 90s, thanks to those Corinne Day photos (see below) of her with her hips and collarbones jutting in nothing but a vest and a pair of pants - and it's easy to trace the connection between the photo below to the industry's fascination with size zero and veiled refusals to use larger women on the catwalk to date. 


All the same, holding a nineteen year old responsible for an unhealthy promotion of skeletal bodies across the fashion industry seems about as logical as blaming Miley Cyrus for her foam hand molesting performance, rather than blaming the way women are pressured to behave in the music industry. 

Thing is, Kate’s always seemed strong and in control. She’s balanced an international modelling career and design work with a string of relationships and being a single mother and made having it all look not just possible, but like it might actually be,

Perhaps most impressively of all, Kate has previously always managed to maintain some sort of dignity with modelling, no matter how few garments she’s sporting. Even when posing completely naked, as she has done in the past – for St Tropez and for Love Magazine - she’s always somehow managed to avoid the coy-little-girl, glossy lips half-open look (or as one friend memorably dubbed it, the 'pre blowjob gape') that Playboy’s so fond of and exuded strength and self-possession. 




And sure, it's kind of wonderful in a media landscape in which women over 35 are mostly invisible that Playboy didn't opt for a twenty-something, but a forty-something for their 60th birthday cover. But I think this photo is the most depressing work Kate's done yet:


For a start, the sheer amount of Photoshop in evidence here is horrifically insulting. Moss originally stated she was doing the shoot to celebrate her 40th birthday - how much of a celebration can it be when your body is considered so repugnant that it's been altered beyond all recognition?

But far worse than that, Playboy seem to have completely misunderstood what it is that makes Kate sexy. Nobody's entranced by Kate Moss because she's submissive - we're fascinated by her because she's strong, leonine, and looks like she doesn't take any nonsense.

Let's face it, Kate Moss in bunny ears on all fours is about as sexy as recycled toilet paper.

8 years ago