Ginger steepers and coconut water: hangover tips from the fashion industry
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Ginger steepers and coconut water: hangover tips from the fashion industry

Tis the season of Christmas parties, and for some of us the seemingly inevitable hangovers that follow. Is there anything we can do to avoid them? We all wish there were a magic cure for hangovers, but unfortunately they usually involve some amount of pain. However, here's how some of the fashion industry's big shots style it the morning after! Some say leek toasties, some swear by melted honey, and some brave bright pink shirts...
Daniel Marks, director & partner, The Communications Store
The greatest hangover cure ever was given to me by a friend the morning after I got mUnknownarried. A piping hot double espresso with a spoonful of honey melted into it – drunk down in one go. My morning-after beauty secret is Skyn Iceland Fresh Start Mask. You have to try it – it makes you look as if you have been on holiday for a week and slept for 16 hours. I am not joking.

Morwenna Ferrier, acting online fashion editor, The Guardian
My hangover cure is pretty self-flagellatory but hey, I’m catholic! First, I have a pot of sweet tea and a giant coffee. WinterRunning-WebThen I down a tonne of coconut juice, which is not dissimilar to downing wee. Then I do the unthinkable and go for a long run, wrapped up tight to ensure maximum sweating. dsc_0592 At this point I still haven’t eaten anything so once I’m back, I fry three eggs (protein!), have them on buttered toast (fats!), with more tea and a pint of water to replace all the sweat. Yes, I am Carrie’s mother.

Charlie Porter, men’s fashion critic of the Financial Times
I’m sure a ginger steeper is meant to be cleansing and antibacterial or whatever, but it mainly helps you stop feeling wretched. ginger3 Chop big chunks of root ginger into a mug, pour over boiling water then cover with a saucer to steep for five minutes. A fashion-connected doctor recently told me to add honey, the cure for all hangovers apparently, I have no idea why.

Michael Bastian, fashion designer
Prepare for the worst: make sure you have Tylenol, coconut water and antacid always on hand. Nothing is worse than having to leave your apartment in this condition. You’ll thank yourself later. il_340x270.484965753_leqoThose cold gel-filled face masks you keep in your fridge also come in handy. Someone once told me if you hold it on the back of your head where your head meets your neck, it helps with nausea. If you actually have to see people, wear a pink shirt – everyone looks a bit more alive and healthy in a pink shirt.

Reece Crisp, menswear buyer, Harvey Nichols
Pre-empting the sore head, I take two Nurofen before bed and in the morning I have an espresso shot, original with coconut oil, butter and cinnamon followed by a Berocca with coconut water and a peanut butter muffin.

If you have to go into work, dress up and make yourself feel smart to help you get through the day. Red lipstick helps you feel more put together and helps lift a pale complexion. red-lipstick-lady Statement jewellery draws attention away from your face. Drink coconut water in abundance. Or a bloody Mary. The Kobito Love Hangover Kits are also brilliant. Lots of carbs will keep you going throughout the day, as will ibuprofen every four hours. Or try a Disney film and some bacon.

Nellie Eden,
I always begin the day (afternoon) with at least four drinks: an orange juice, a sparklingBanana-2 water, a tea and a diet coke - all at once. I take two pain killers and avoid eggs like the plague. Also if I’m being organised I eat a ‘cautionary’ banana before I go out (I think that may be an urban myth?). Also: red lipstick.

What hangover cures pop into your throbbing noggin after a night on the town? Do you have a failsafe hangover cure for the festive season? Let us know in the comment section below - we're all in this together!! (Source: Guardian Fashion)
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