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How To Get Happy Via Fashion - Trust Us, These Really Work!

Most people will tell you that fashion is all about elegance, high-styling, creativity and a sense of chic. Of course, that’s all true – but it’s kind of besides the point. Isn’t fashion’s real power the fact that it can make you really, really happy?

‘Cause, a lot of the time, people seem to forget: fashion’s fun.

Here’s my five point guide to how to get an instant upper on a grey day via the power of FASHION!

Red lips


You wake up, you’ve got a hangover, you can’t find the keys to your bike lock and you’ve still got to write that report you left on your desk at work because you were jonesing to make Happy Hour at that cocktail place everyone’s been talking about. On approaching the mirror, you find a corpse-like mask that kind of looks like your face, but, y’know – greyer and more lifeless.

Guys, seriously. Reach for the lippie. You’ll not just looked pulled together, you’ll feel more pulled together. It’s hard to feel like death when you’ve got a mouth like a French actress from the 1940s.

New shoes


A wise man once said ‘Pretty much everything’s better with new shoes’. ‘Cause, whether you’ve just been broken up with, your cat’s kicked the bucket, your best-flatmate-in-the-world is moving to Chicago, things seem a lot sunnier when you’re rocking some serious style south of your ankles.

Ok, you’ve caught me - it wasn’t a wise man, it was a wise woman, and that woman’s me and this woman has a closet full of awesome shoes as a testimony to Life’s Suffering. It’s an instant way of finding a silver lining in the situation – hey, things might suck, but they don’t suck so hard with delicious 1950s vintage gold lamé t-bars in your life, now do they?



Yes, we could all wear little black dresses for the rest of our lives and look chic as hell, but you’re not making anyone smile in that, now are you? Bright colours are like Prozac for everyone around you. True factz. They lift your mood and they lift everyone else’s, plus you stand out like a hothouse flower next to all the beige and navy on the underground. I’m all for good taste. But how is anyone going to know you’re tasteful as all get out if you don’t contrast it with something incredibly loud every once in a while?

Statement jewellery


Sometimes you’re broke, and then all dreams of extravagant new shoes and dresses and so-very-now-pink-coats go out the window. But then you buy a huge, insane Aztec style necklace at a jumble sale and it goes with everything, white t-shirts, black jumpers, and suddenly you’re the most stylish person in your city. It’s hard to feel brokesville when you’re the unofficial Style Queen, isn’t it?

Oversized jumpers


For rainy days when you want to hibernate, what’s better than an oversized jumper? It’s like a hug in a garment! Close the curtains, rock some cosy lighting and watch a Doris Day movie with a bowl of pasta and pesto. Happiness? Guaranteed.

8 years ago