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Isabel Marant Claims Political Problems Could Be Solved By Designer Work Ethic

Image In a recent interview with Vogue which made us even more crazy about the French designer, Isabel Marant argued that if politicians worked as hard as fashion designers, governments might run more smoothly. "Sometimes I want to be a politician," she said. "If politicians put the same amount of energy that we put into our collections… I think designers could be great politicians. If I was running my company the same way that my government runs my country, I wouldn't be where I am now. We are trapped into a system where it's difficult to find your own path." We suspect the talented Marant might have a point. After all, cynicism is part and parcel of working in politics for too long, but it's borderline impossible to work as a designer without passion, right? As such, we suggest the governments of the world start trading in their politicians for designers (we're joking, obviously - but, still, you've got to admit it's a tempting idea). Marant later revealed in the interview that her chosen career wasn’t something her family could have ever predicted, since she was a sworn tomboy as a child. She even explained that it was her brother, not her, who was the ultra feminine one. "My mother was a German model, she was super pretty and I was an ugly little girl. No really I was," she said. "I had a beautiful brother and everybody would say to him, 'What a nice girl' even though he was a boy and nobody would look at me. I was a tough little girl. In hindsight, I think I had to define myself in some way. So I turned to music and was very influenced by that. Marant later outlined the complex amount of law that goes into making sure her bestsellers don't get copied by every other fashion house on the planet. She describes the moment she came up with her bestselling sky-high wedges… "The first thing I did was say, 'Call my lawyer. The whole planet will copy them.' I told my office, 'This is it, you have to do something with this; it's going to be massive,'" she recalled. "I first came up with the idea when I was 11 when I put cork in my shoes to make me look taller. I never liked wearing heels, it was feminine - it was what I hated - but looking taller makes you walk differently, it makes you feel different. But you want to be comfortable; you don't want to be a little woman like that." While Vogue quotes Marant as feeling 'robbed' when she came across the countless copies of her work (guess the lawyer didn't help much, huh?) she's tried not to let bad feelings sour her pride in her work. "You can't hold onto that bad energy, you have to move on", Marant says - amen to that. Did you manage to snap up any of Marant's pieces for H&M? And if so, are they as good as you'd hoped? Let us know your take on Marant's clothes below.
8 years ago