It's time to Winterise your wardrobe. Let this street style set show you how to do it
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It's time to Winterise your wardrobe. Let this street style set show you how to do it

[caption id="attachment_2206" align="aligncenter" width="798"]Caroline Issa at Paris Fashion Week Caroline Issa at Paris Fashion Week[/caption] If this week’s cold spell has thrown you into a Wardrobe Crisis, we come with sartorial support. Yes, it’s still too early to wear your 50 denier tights (unless you live in Scotland). Yes, you should avoid temptation to shrug on your winter coat. But, no, it’s not too soon to start making serious outfit adjustments to keep you warm and stylish through October. Here are six simple styling tricks to start practicing now.

Layer light jackets

Shrug a trench coat over a lightweight blazer for your commute to work. Avoid belting though, the aim is to frame a delicate blouse or crisp shirt underneath, not to hide your lower layers. Should the tube/train/bus be too warm for three layers, an airy trench is far easier to condense into your tote, or shrug over your arm than a woollen coat is. ppss17_pa_day2_0197-xlarge_transimq0gsbkzch_-jhfxstkom0np3zmgmtnzj8ojvbwiku

Invest in a classic black shirt.

Gear up for the changing season with a darker shade of shirt. It might seem boring, but French women do wear a lot of black. If you’re more comfortable in patterns and bright colors, you should definitely stick with that; but try teaming your classic black shirt with taupe wide leg trousers and an exotic skin shoulder bag for a soft take on 70's chic. 797a65d24e977c18b3a9a8d8572f171e

Wear midi dresses over trousers

Try your hand at this season's "lower layering" and wear midi dresses over trousers. Not only does this introduce fluidity and femininity to your workaday jeans, it means you can still incorporate many of your summer dresses into your transitional wardrobe. The shirt dresses you bought for that holiday in Greece, for example, can be worn over jeans and with a thin polo-neck underneath. street-style-march-2015-58  

Choose high-neck blouses over scarves

Step away from the woolly scarves! If you start enrobing yourself in your favourite woolies now, you won’t feel the benefits come mid-November. Keep the chill at bay with high-neck blouses, instead. There are plenty of pie-crust styles about - even the Duchess of Cambridge tapped into the trend while in Canada recently. 109938852_duchess-xlarge_transqnyan1d3aurm8bkk2ea_awo7dpv39ll_zrztdetxck8  

Layer-up on top

Your ankles and calves are more hardy than you might think, and can withstand the current 14 degree weather without being shrouded in black nylons. Layer up your top half with a base layer and thick jumper or coat. Trust us, some bare leg on show between coat/skirt hem and shoe will be fine for another couple of weeks. look_of_the_day_beanie_shorts_23

Introduce heavier fabrics

Plaid and tweed pieces all nod to the autumn’s heritage trend, and offer greater warmth than the cotton wardrobe staples we have been relying on of late. Velvet is also a key fabric for autumn and will add a luxe, wintry element to whatever you’re wearing. Buy a herringbone or velvet blazer and be safe in the knowledge you are tapping into a key autumnal trend while keeping toasty. street-style-velvet-blue-suit-blazer-pants-monk-strap-flats-white-blouse-sylvia-bergomi-via-vogue-uk-1

Get your ankle boots out

Trainers might have proved to be the shoes that most women are buying theses days, but we can’t wait to dig out our ankle boots. Not only will a good leather pair protect feet from the elements, they will hide whatever comedy-yet-cosy socks you like inside. 30a699b9a824c0b3361505a4002842a6
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