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Lady Gaga Gets Schizophrenic For V Magazine

Love her or hate her, you've got to admit that Lady Gaga always packs a visual punch. It's business as usual at Gaga HQ - for her recent covershoot for V magazine, Ms Germanotta demanded not one, but a massive four different magazine covers - one for each of her alter egos.

V Magazine was more than happy to oblige, calling in superstar photography duo Inez & Vinoodh to capture her four characters, each of which represents Lady Gaga at a different stage of her life.


Come September, if you're Gaga for Gaga (hey-OH!) you can pick up all four versions of the September issue, one issue for each of her fabulously-attired selves. Inside, Gaga's been interviewed by artist Marina Abramovich and done a fashion shoot for the magazine.

Of the Armani Gaga, who sports a sexy blonde quiff falling over one eye and a suitably futuristic get up, Lady Gaga says:

'I see this girl as the first incarnation of me. Of Gaga. The Bowie superfan, playing with glitter and reflective materials like doing a jigsaw puzzle.'

Mmm. I love the Thin Duke myself, but can't say my affection for his music has ever manifested itself in a desire to play with 'reflective materials'! Must add this to my to-do list.

Then there's Saint Laurent Gaga - 'This is the me I was most afraid to ever be again. The me I'd left behind,' Gaga says sorrowfully. But wait, don't cry - 'I'm wearing a custom Saint Laurent sequinned jacket from Hedi Slimane. Impossible to be sad!' That's alright, then.


Third comes Versace Gaga, which must be a reference to that period of time where she claimed to only wear Versace and hung out lots with Donatella:

"This cover commences the newest transformation in my long love affair with Versace," she explains. "Donatella opening the Gianni archives for me during the campaign for my album Born This Way was just the beginning of a dream that seems to never end. And today it's c-thru plastic, with my custom shoulder, Medusa pins, and a wrong blonde. Donatella approved."

And to top it all off, there's her most recent incarnation: Balenciaga Gaga."In this custom Balenciaga, I felt full passion, and fearless, like my hair and body were on fire," she says. 


But hey, don't even think about pigeonholing Gaga:
'But this is not my "look" or "reinvention" for this album. I will be all of these women forever. I am a shape-shifter, a pop-cultural magician. I am not just one ICON. I am every icon.' Ok Gaga, memo received!

What do you think of Lady Gaga's cover personas? Let me know below. 


8 years ago