Lights, Camera, Fashion! How Our Favourite Netflix Shows Are Inspiring the Way We Dress
By Karly Rayner
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Lights, Camera, Fashion! How Our Favourite Netflix Shows Are Inspiring the Way We Dress

Fashion is eying up yesteryear with a misty-eyed nostalgia these days, and it feels like the pop-culture influence of our favourite Netflix shows might be bleeding out into the way we dress. 

On-screen entertainment has loomed large in most of our lives recently, with a theme of escapism capturing our collective imagination. Shows which transport us to bygone eras, fantastical situations and lighthearted romps have proved particularly popular; along with the whimsical style they channel.

Below is a whistlestop tour through some of the Netflix shows which have been on everyone’s lips, and their impact on the fashion world. 



Image credit: Netflix/The Shirt Company 


The Regency era stylings of Bridgerton have ignited our suppressed desire to dress up and be the belle of the ball!

Fashion platform Lyst reports that searches for corsets skyrocketed on the platform by 123 percent, closely followed by empire line dresses which soared by 93 percent

While swanning around like a debutant might not be practical for the everyday, Bridgerton-inspired lace has veiled Spring-style in splendour. We absolutely adored Eloise Bridgerton's Debutante Presentation Dress and think our lace-fronted Cherie shirt captures some of that high collared, pearly-buttoned frou-frou glamour in a more practical way! 


The Queen’s Gambit

Image credit: Netflix/The Shirt Company 


While The Queen’s Gambit’s main gift to us was a resurgence in the popularity of chess, Beth Harmon’s impeccable ‘60s fashion has also galvanised our interest in more sophisticated styles from the era. 

Beth’s somewhat minimalist, sleek, colour-blocked looks are complemented by eye-catching accents and we think Beth’s round collars were a stand out signature of the show. To add a little bit of Harmon Harmony to an existing outfit, we think our Ruth White Puritan Collar would fit the bill, especially when paired with an A-line black number.


The Crown 

Image credit: Netflix


Princess Diana’s iconic style and heartbreaking story captured our hearts for a second time after The Crown’s binge worthy season 4. The impeccable choices from the wardrobe department channeled Diana’s real-life vintage looks with an uncanny accuracy. 

We loved the ‘80s puff sleeves, the shirt and sleeveless knitwear combos and those fabulous gingham and floral patterns. If you fancy trying on some opulent ‘80s sleeves for size, our Ellie Amethyst Puff Sleeved Shirt is the one for you!


Schitt’s Creek 

Image credit: Netflix/The Shirt Company 


Moira Rose is the definition of extra and a refreshing representation of an older woman taking risks with her wardrobe and absolutely slaying it!

We absolutely adore Moira’s outrageous couture fashion, her exquisite layering and, of course, her penchant for particularly extravagant shirts. To channel your inner Moira, we recommend our Antoinette Tuxedo Shirt or going down a more gothic ‘The Crows Have Eyes’ route with our Gardenia Shirt. We think it echoes the silhouette of one of Moira’s most memorable outfits in a much more wearable way! 


Image credit: Netflix/The Shirt Company 


The Bold Type

Image credit: Netflix/The Shirt Company 


The Bold Type shows that office wear need not be a veritable snore-fest and — perhaps predictably for a show about a fashion mag — the trends from the show are on point.

The show’s Jane Sloan, Sutton Brady and Kat Edinson are all over ‘70’s style flared and fluted sleeves which are really having a fashion moment right now. To get a piece of the action, why not try our Magnolia Statement Cuff Shirt on for size?

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