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Mario Testino's Towel Series

The world knows The Shirt Company is a fan of crisp white clothing... But this artful (and fluffy) twist even took us by surprise! Post-shower hair wound up in a towel comes pretty low on our list of ideal photo opps – let's be honest, it's not the best look for most of us. But Peruvian fashion photographer Mario Testino's latest project – his "Towel Series" – displays a whole bunch of gorgeous celebs in white bathroom towels. The series began when Testino noticed Kate Moss (surprise, surprise!) sitting in a white robe with a towel wrapped high around her head on the set of a shoot. The ongoing series, published on Testino's Instagram, has grown to become a liberating lens – there's no predetermined way you should or shouldn't wear a towel and so each of his models uses it in a wholly different way... And pretty much every big name model who has joined the fresh-faced, towel-clad club has their own take on the bathroom accessories. Testing commented on his photographic muses:
I think girls and guys feel this freedom at being able to express themselves. There is no predetermined way of how you put the towel on... You can do anything you want—wear it however you want. I have always treasured this kind of freedom: it’s rare.
It's exactly the kind of wearable versatility that we at The Shirt Company just love. And, c'mon – if these guys can wear nothing but a simple towel on camera and look like million dollars, then just think how beautifully versatile they'd each look in a classic white shirt (one of our beauties, perhaps?)... We're just going to leave this here:
6 years ago