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Naomi Campbell Asks Victoria Beckham To Use More Black Models


Naomi Campbell recently revealed that she personally phoned Victoria Beckham in order to address Beckham’s lack of black models in her fashion shows.

In Victoria’s recent London Fashion Week show, she used just one ‘non-white model’.

Since Naomi Campbell is currently fronting a campaign against racial discrimination in the fashion industry, she took it upon herself to make the phone call to her friend Victoria. Naomi is one of the figureheads of the Diversity Coalition, along with model Iman and the agent Bethann Hardison.

"I called Victoria and I spoke to her," she admitted. "I don't want to pin-point anyone. It isn't a blame game."

 While Naomi may not have been blaming Victoria, she included Victoria’s fashion line in the list of companies she sent an open letter to following New York Fashion Week.

"Everyone's name was on that letter because they'd done it," she stated.


However, she was careful to clarify that she didn’t necessarily think Beckham’s decision was racially motivated.

"It could have been completely unintentional. She is one of the designers on there like everyone else."

The letter Naomi and her campaign colleagues penned was addressed to the governing bodies of the fashion industries in New York, London, Paris and Milan. The letter drew attention to the extremely low percentage of black and Asian models used – a mere six per cent were black models and only nine per cent were Asian. The letter also highlighted the shocking fact that far less black models are used in the year 2013 than in the 1970s.

Fashion houses they accused of ‘this racist act’ included Victoria Beckham, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Armani, Gucci, Roberto Cavalli and Marc by Marc Jacobs.

When asked if she was worried about offending the fashion industry, Naomi said:

"Absolutely not! There is no way to candycoat this sort of thing,"

"You have to be straight. We had the percentages and we were armed with the facts and you can't be nervous about upsetting people.

"I speak the truth. People might not like it but I am doing it."

(Source: The Mirror)

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