Our unexpected seasonal favourite (...or, why you should be wearing navy blue)
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Our unexpected seasonal favourite (...or, why you should be wearing navy blue)

[caption id="attachment_2527" align="alignleft" width="343"]Image via Pinterest Image via Pinterest[/caption] Navy blue is the French woman's secret style weapon and one trend that's currently happening in fashion... And one of the things we love most about navy is how crisp and confident it is. You can wear it alone or with numerous other colours and it always stands tall and remains an elegant backdrop or centerpiece alike. While grey, black and white are totally on-trend, navy is a hue that works beautifully on its own and with other colours. In general, most of us wear less navy than we do black. Yet it's chic, minimal and timeless, and its hue frequently tends to flatter people more so than black. In fact, Jane Shepherdson, CEO of Whistles, said in an interview with The Guardian that:
When I see someone in navy, I think they are sophisticated, effortless, not trying too hard but with an innate sense of style...
Want to be a picture of elegance? Then take Shepherdson's lesson in chic sophistication! [caption id="attachment_2528" align="alignright" width="341"]Image via Pinterest Image via Pinterest[/caption] Seriously, though. Not having any black in your wardrobe is forgiveable... It's a classic, timeless neutral (we'll always love it!), but it can be draining and harsh for some complexions. Similarly, a wardrobe without pink, or green, or blue can be expected... We've all got our preferred shades, after all. But a wardobe without navy blue is a mystery indeed: Coco Chanel loved it... So why shouldn't we!?
Not only is navy a mega flattering shade, it's also a fantastic alternative to black, which so many know and love. It couldn't look better with paired-back camels, crisp whites, or millenial pinks. It's demure, versatile and hugely underrated... Which is why, over her at The Shirt Company, we're championing its comeback in a big way.
Our unexpected seasonal favourite hue has arrived in style at our London headquarters in two of our most gorgeous styles. Now in navy blue, the best-selling stylish Abigail encompasses femininity with its shaped 3/4 sleeves and cross over front. abi Flattering on most figures and great on a bust.  The tie clinches in the waist and finishes with a generous bow. And pssst! Since we heard you wondering... Yes, navy and black is a thing now. It can be done, ladies - and it's far from rebellious in our book! Shop the navy Abigail here. Alternatively, take a contemporary twist on Victoriana with our aptly named Victoria shirt. Now available in navy, this elegant blouse is vibrant, versatile and oh-so-chic. Tiered ruffles elegantly cascade down the front and the blouson-elasticated cuffs finish with a delicate frill, and elasticated loop mother of pearl buttons are fuss free to fasten.vic Victoria is the ultimate feminine shirt and will see you from desk to drinks – don’t forget a dash of red lippy and diamond earrings! Shop the navy Victoria here.
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