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Review: Isabel Marant's Collaboration With H&M

Image I’ll admit it: I’m head over heels for Isabel Marant. Not just the copied-to-death boho slouch chic the talented French designer promotes, but the woman herself, who seems wonderfully down to earth, easy-going and defies pretty much every Devil Wears Prada esque stereotype about women working in fashion. All the same, when a mole leaked pictures and French Elle leaked prices from Marant’s upcoming collaboration with H&M, I was perturbed. The clothes were typically gorgeous – but the prices were jaw-dropping. Prices like 299 euros for a black and white embellished tie dye jacket seem to completely defeat the point of the collaboration with the famously bargainous high street store. Admittedly, all the Marant favourites were there: tasselled boots, ethnic beaded jackets, and lace up trousers, and the prices were certainly nothing to sniff at when compared with Marant’s usual offerings under her own label, where a coat very similar to the one on sale at H&M for 149 euros is sold at $949. But let’s face it: anything in three figures means it’s outside of the average H&M shopper’s budget, and that it’s more likely to attract Marant devotees looking to snap up the same great clothes on a lower budget than to reach a new audience. This is sad: surely the beauty of high street collabs is that it's deliciously democratic: that you, me, that sixteen year old working Saturdays in a shop to make some pocket money can all afford to have a taste of high fashion. Marant’s collection is sure to be critically acclaimed and to sell out within a matter of days – but it seems unlikely to reach anyone who wasn’t a disciple of Marant to begin with. And that’s pretty sad. Check out the pictures and let me know your thoughts – will you be investing in a piece of the Marant brand come November 14? Image Image Image Image Image Image  
8 years ago