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So...Jimmy Choo Never Actually Designed Any of His Shoes, You Guys


This just in: former Jimmy Choo co-founder Tamara Mellon claims that Choo never actually designed...well, anything for his eponymous shoe empire. 

Mellon made the comments while appearing on America's Today programme, where she was promoting her new book, In My Shoes, a scathing first-hand account of working for the 800 million dollar shoe brand. Choo's shoes have been a staple for glamazons the world over since their stilettos started being featured regularly on Sex and the City and Beyonce started singing about 'kicking it in my Jimmys'. But life isn't always sunny side up at the stylish shoe empire - it's no secret that since the former co-founder and Chief Creative Officer left the brand in 2011, there's been no love lost between her and shoemaker Choo. All the same, since Mellon worked for the brand for a decade and a half, nobody could have predicted she'd give away quite such a tasty (but destructive) titbit... 

"The original idea was for Jimmy to design the collection, and I would run the operations of the business," explained Mellon. "But it soon became very clear that Jimmy's skill was in making shoes. He's a cobbler."

Ouch! Things got worse when the interviewer asked her to clarify the statement, asking if Jimmy had ever designed anything for the company.

Mellon answered: "Not one. Not one sketch did I get from him. Not one."

Mellon and Choo met while Mellon was an accessories editor at British Vogue and needed custom made shoes at short notice and Choo was her go-to guy as a highly-skilled cobbler in London's East End. After Mellon lost her job and did a stint in rehab, she came up with a brilliant fashion idea: a Jimmy Choo line of made-to-wear high end luxury shoes. Mellon acted as the face (and coltish legs) of the brand and was required to put in round-the-clock hours, not just in the office, but showing off London's sexiest heels in every high profile party in the city. 

Any job where you get an extravagant shopping allowance, a hairstylist and make up artist on call round the clock can't be that bad. Can it? Well, yes, according to Mellon, who felt unappreciated by the execs at the company and exploited. 

But now Mellon's striking back. This autumn, her own range of high-end clothing and shoes will go on sale. Unlike most designer labels, Mellon is planning to release new items every month, rather than every quarter. Her black suede thigh high boots will be made in the same Italian factories as the Jimmy Choo shoes. Their name? Sweet Revenge. And at 1,995 dollars a pop, Mellon's revenge is going to be sweeter than most.

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