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Thank God For Prada, or An Ode To High-Waisted Bikinis

As a woman who likes the odd slice of raspberry cheesecake of a Wednesday afternoon, I often find bikinis ‘challenging’. Yeah, I know we’re meant to go on six week bikini diets, etc etc., but you know what? Life’s short, and then you die. I’m not giving up cake for anybody, especially since I live in London, not Rio, so my bikini time’s strictly limited.

But I rather suspect Miuccia Prada is also a fan of cheesecake, as she’s brought the most flattering thing in fashion since the pencil skirt back into the style spotlight: high waisted bikinis.

Check out Skinny Minnie Miranda Kerr in one of these bad boys – ok, she's clearly been swerving cake and ODing on yoga for years, but all the same - you get a sense of how flattering these bikinis are.


For a more realistic take on a woman’s body in one of these, ch-ch-check out Samantha from SATC in one:



I recently bought the following plain black one from Topshop (NOTE: This is clearly not me!)



Have you ever seen a more flatteringly designed bikini in your life? I gave this rather stunning bikini a test drive in the Victorian swimming baths in Kentish Town. Ladies, viva la revolucion - it was comfortable, it fit like a glove, and if I'd been beachside, I wouldn't have even questioned having a ice cream because it sucks you in wonderfully so you look vaguely pin up-y without any of the effort associated with being a pin up (refusing second helpings, jogging). 

So what do you reckon? Passing fashion fad or perennial favourite? Let me know in the comments below.


8 years ago