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The Most Memorable Celeb Outfits of 2013

2013 was not a year for shrinking violets. If you were a sleb, young or old, you flashed some flesh or got busy with striking prints (Queen Cara Delevingne, I'm looking at *you*). 

Enough gabbing, let's break this thing down.




Miley, Miley, Miley. What to say about her PVC flesh toned bikini VMA 'outfit' that hasn't already been said? While I understand Miley's desire to break free of her squeaky-clean Disney TV star image, this Hollywood car crash girl gone wild thing has been done to death (see: Image



From Miley, seguing neatly into Lady Gaga's VMA outfit. I love this. I love this unabashedly - this is what Gaga is here for. While like Miley, Gaga usually seems to think she's not being wacky enough if she's wearing anything more than a bikini, here she proves that wearing a decent amount of clothing can also look fantastically nutso. Yes, I know she later stripped down into a shell bikini, but for this one, perfect moment, Lady Gaga was the weirdest person at the VMAs. 



Interesting year for KP, stylewise. She's gone from candy coloured wigs and cupcake bras to I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar!!!!!!! Not sure how I feel about the Kim-Kardashian amounts of cleavage, but enjoying the pleasingly sickly mint green of this dress. If memory serves, this outfit was worn around the time the media grew obsessed with the idea that her and Robert Pattinson were more than pals - in retrospect, this theory may have been entirely constructed around Katy's plunging necklines during this period.



The 41 year old megastar showed off her enviable, yoga-honed figure in a sheer gown at the Iron Man 3 premiere in April. Everybody who'd ever taken the mickey out of her terrifyingly strict diet was forced to eat their words. 




As Dior's spokesgirl, Jennifer Lawrence has been religiously wearing Dior frocks at pretty much every red carpet engagement this year. While she mostly opted for strapless, plain, elegant gowns (see below), this was definitely the most eye-catching of her outfits, especially when paired with her new pixie cut. It's not a look that everyone can pull off, and I've definitely seen J-Law look more comfortable before, but she wears the challenging dress with the requisite amount of swagger - 10/10 for a tricky outfit.





Swoon. I'm a sucker for prints and even more of a sucker for Bart Simpson, so for me, this outfit has it all. It doesn't take itself seriously, it's young, it's fun, and she looks blindingly cool. 



One of the most memorable outfits of 2013 because it was just so un-Kristen. If you're not au fait with Kristen's stylings, she's all baggy hoodies and hipster specs and skinny jeans. This might be the first time I've ever seen her in heels off the red carpet. This photo was taken at Paris Fashion Week in the spring at the Chanel show, and Kristen appears to be a devotee of the label, as she's clad in head to toe Chanel, looking every inch the lady (or, as ladylike as you can be in leather hotpants). However, there's still a few grungy Kristen touches, notably the leather Fagin gloves and biker bracelets.

Did I miss someone out? Or are you a fan of Miley's PVC and hate Cara's Bart Simpson knits? Let me know below.

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