The White Shirt: Once a Classic, Always a Classic
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The White Shirt: Once a Classic, Always a Classic

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In a closet full of season-specific trends, the classic shirt is the great equaliser, the bottom line, the very definition of a wardrobe staple. Paired easily with anything from boyfriend jeans to printed trousers or a ball skirt, it instantly adds a touch of minimal chic.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 11.00.12 If the recent runways were any indication, it’s a look that consistently interests designers too – and though your standard men’s-style button-down will always do the trick, there are a handful of new designers who are reconsidering the garment, adding minimalist ruffles, unexpected volume, or cutaway details... Shirts are anything but basic. The Guardian recognises how the classic is getting a rework. They say:

While it’s usually the sequin skirts and sky-high heels that hit fashion’s headlines, sometimes there’s a season when something more familiar and dependable sneaks through. Spring 2016 is one of those times. The cotton shirt – the squad player of one’s wardrobe, as opposed to the star striker – is enjoying an unaccustomed moment in fashion’s first eleven.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 11.02.05Yup! We couldn't agree more. And though that could be, in part, due to an image overhaul, we also second the thought that they're a (beautiful and) commercially sure thing:
With shirts being a wearable classic, a design based even slightly on a familiar format piques consumers’ interest, and retailers are responding.
Shirts are the fundamental backbone of every woman’s wardrobe, and designers have reimagined them in so many different guises this season. Our wardrobe is full of white shirts, and the style and details on each make them all totally different. Updating our white shirts every year is something that never fails to excite us! So, ladies, watch out! 2016 means no excuses not to stock up your wardrobe with beautiful, minimal chic staples...!! Shop our collection now, right here, right now.
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